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6.0X15 XW-5726 TL, black painted, R42, 70 spokes Curly Hub MWS

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The Wire Wheel XW5726 fits AC Frua 428, AC Cobra 289, Aston Martin DB5, Aston Martin DB6 Mk I and Morgan Plus 4 (1985 onwards)
All Wire Wheels also available as complete wheel including tyre, mounting and balancing. Please ask for your quote.
Accessories sold separately.
group1 XW silver
Brand MWS
rim width range 6,0
Width 6,0
Wheel Diameter 15
vehicle manufacturer AC Cobra, Morgan, TR-6
middlehole 42
EU Tyre Labelling Tyres without labelling can only be used on cars built before October 1st 1990.


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