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175/70R13 86V TL Pirelli CN 36

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The tyre size 175/70 R 13 is a popular tyre for cars of the ‘70s and ‘80s. In 1968 low profile tyres became the hot technology for tyre manufacturers and as a result for car manufacturers were keen to take advantage of the extra grip that it offered. 155 R 13 was a popular tyre at the time and a 175/70 R 13 was the low profile alternative giving a very similar overall diameter with the extra width of the 175mm instead of the 155mm. So you would find like the Triumph Dolomite Sprint, or a Golf GTi fitting a 175/70 R 13 where the base model cars would fit a 155 R 13 tyre.
diameter (mm) 579
section width (mm) 180
Brand Pirelli Classic
rim width range 4.5-6"
Width 175/70
tyre width (mm) 175
Cross-Section (%) 70
Wheel Diameter 13
Speed Index V-Reifen (240km/h)
speed index V
tyre load 477
load index 82
load/speed index 82V
EU Tyre Labelling Tyres without labelling can only be used on cars built before October 1st 1990.


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