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165R13 82V TL Pirelli CN36 165/80R13, 165VR13

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The tyre size 165R13 is synonymous with the smaller European cars of the 1970s as cars moved away from crossply tyres. A large portion of Fords European cars, the Taunus, Escort, Capri and Cortina fitted 165R13 tyres, which later as we went cars like Sunbeam Alpine and cars like the Ford Lotus Cortina moved onto fitting 165R13 Pirelli Cinturato tyres.

into the 1980s would exchange the 165R13 tyres to fit wider lower profile tyres such as the 185/70R13 Pirelli Cinturato CN36.

It is worth noting that this current production of the famous 165R13 Cinturato CN36 from Pirelli qualifies for a V speed rating which is pretty exceptional for a tyre of the size 165R13.

165/80R13 Tyres

The Pirelli Cinturato CN36 165R13 is effectively a 165/80R13, however with it being a full profile 165R13 tyre there is no need to mention the 80% profile. A low profile alternative to a 165/80R13 is a 185/70R13.

165R13 Tyres

With the tall profile of a 165R13 or 165/80R13 tyres they make the ideal radial alternative to crossply tyres of the size 5.90-13, 6.00-13 or 5.6013 on

group1 PKW Reifen
group2 VTS
diameter (mm) 600
section width (mm) 170
Brand Pirelli Classic
rim width range 4.0-5.5"
Width 165
tyre width (mm) 165
Cross-Section (%) 80
Wheel Diameter 13
Speed Index V-Reifen (240km/h)
speed index V
tyre load 477
load index 82
load/speed index 82V
EU Tyre Labelling Tyres without labelling can only be used on cars built before October 1st 1990.


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